Fiber Laser 4x8 | 1000w - 2000w

Product image 1Fiber Laser 4x8 | 1000w - 2000w
Product image 2Fiber Laser 4x8 | 1000w - 2000w
Product image 3Fiber Laser 4x8 | 1000w - 2000w

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 Fiber Laser | 1000w - 2000w

See this baby in action!


Table Construction & Highlights
  • 4ft+ x 8ft+ cut dimensions
  • Frame solid welded steel
  • Aviation grade aluminum gantry 
  • Blade knife table surface
  • X, Y axis - stainless steel ball screw transmission
  • HiWin linear high precision stainless steel guide rails & bearings 
  • Cypcut

Machine Electronics

  • 1000w-2000w fiber laser (see capability chart below)
  • Schneider electrical components
  • Water chiller
  • Exhaust fan

Machine Stats

  • Max cut rate 50-150in/min
  • X, Y, cut accuracy ±0.001"
  • X, Y, repeat accuracy ±0.001"

Required Power

  • AC220V, @ 70-100 amp (depending on laser wattage)

Warranties Include:

  • Lifetime hardware support from Hytek Tools
  • One year parts warranty
  • Custom tech videos on request
  • 30 Day Buy Back Guarantee!

You Will Need:

  • Forklift to offload (6000 lbs - 6ft forks)

Extras Include:

  • Hand delivery by Jason and Melissa Jones (founders)
  • On site operation demonstrations


Ask a Question
  • Can we get it with a 5' x 10' cutting bed?

    Hi there, thank you for the question. Please check our listings here

  • What are the total dimensions of this machine?

    Thank you for the question!   It is 11ft long by 6.5ft wide, then add the swing arm control panel (+2ft).

    - Jason Jones - Hytek Tools - 

  • At 750w what thickness of stainless can it cut efficiently?

    Hello Doug, thanks for the message!  This listing has been updated for 500w, or 1000w. Please check out the new chart above^^

  • Does this machine mow the lawn and do the dishes?


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