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Metal Laser Cutters - USA

Ordering & Payments - FAQ

Do 501 nonprofits get a discount on tools?
Yes, all Hytek brand equipment will be discounted as low as possible for 501 nonprofits. Other tools or software may be eligible for a discount, please email Melissa at or use the contact form.
Could I get a discount for ordering more than one machine at the same time?
Yes, we do offer discounts on multiple machine purchases. Please contact us for details on wholesale.
Can I get custom size table dimensions, or higher gantry?
Can I get a size I don’t see? Different Z Yes, we can do custom sizes and specs. The Machines we have listed are for the most common sizes, but we know they are not what everyone needs. If you do not seen a machine to fit your needs, please contact us at with the exact specs you need and we will send you a custom quote.
Can a laser or plasma be added to a cnc router?
Laser and plasma cutting is completely different than cutting with a router and can not be efficiently combined into one machine. Typically a table bed for a laser or plasma machine is made of a metal grid, for CNC routers the table bed is a composite plastic material and not adequate for a laser or plasma. Also the clean up between the usage of the different methods of cutting would be difficult and dangerous if not done well. You don't want to mix router dust with a heat source like a laser beam...
What is the ordering process?
You can order directly from our website and pay with either a credit card, bank card or with Paypal. You can also have a custom quote by emailing us with your required specs and more payment options.
What forms of payment does Hytek accept?
There are a few ways to pay for you machine. The process you chose will affect your order and when you will receive your machine. Please read through the options below. We need 100% payment before we put in your order. There are no payment options or parcel down payment options through Hytek tools directly. We can not deliver anything until paid 100%. Any delays in us receiving your payment will delay your order. A wire transfer- A wire transfer can be done with your personal bank. You may have different opinions as to how fast the transfer goes through. Usually the cheaper options will have delays and the money will not go through the same day. Also the time of day you sign the papers will effect when your money will actually be transferred. Most banks have a cut off time each day. If you file for a wire transfer after your banks cut off time the transfer will not go through until the following business day. So if you file late Friday we will not receive the payment until Monday at the earliest. Holidays will also cause delays in transfers. Checks- Checks can take the longest to receive and process. After receiving a check most banks put at least a 5-10 business day hold on checks. This hold could be longer depending on the communication between banks to confirm the amount is available before processing.



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