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Laser Delivery - FAQ

Fiber Laser Delivery

What if I have no loading dock, or forklift?

A. We will work with you on all final delivery scenarios. Just let us know if you have a unique situation.

B. You are not required to have a loading dock, but a forklift is required to unload your machine. If you do not own a forklift, you will need to rent or borrow one.

C. Once your machine is unloaded and taken off the shipping crate, you have other options to move your machine. Some other options to move your machinery may be with heavy duty pallet jacks, large floor jacks, toe jacks, machine skates, roller dollies, bull dollies or industrial wheels with adequate weight capabilities.


How will my machine be shipped?

Our machines are shipped by us, or with a third party logistics company. The company delivering your equipment will be contacting you directly to make arrangements for delivery. There will not be a forklift on the delivery truck so it is your responsibility to have a forklift ready when your machine is delivered.


What is needed for unloading?

Tools and supplies you will need-
  • Forklift with minimum weight capacity for your machine model (plus crate and accessories) with fork extensions of 6-8ft in length.
  • Dual exchange tables should have 2 forklifts on site for unload.

Warning: Laser machines are very heavy, moving and unpacking them could be dangerous and difficult for one person. Use caution when unpacking, many things could happen such as metal bands can spring back, crate could shift and can fall, etc.



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