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Maintenance - FAQ

What if a part breaks?

Most parts are in stock at our facility in central Minnesota. If the part needed is covered under your warranty we will send it to you free of charge. If the part is not under warranty you will only be charged wholesale (our cost) for the part plus shipping. We stand behind our products and parts so much that we will never try to make money off replacement parts.

Maintenance for CNC router?

Maintenance is very minimal on our CNC routers.

Plane spoilboard as needed. The condition of your spoilboard will affect the vacuum hold down.


Keeps rails, collets, and dust extraction free of dust and debris build up.


Check for damaged, loose or worn parts.

Check rack and pinion for chips, dullness or rust.

Every 1-3 Months

Oil Linear bearings

Our machines have linear bearing that run along the rails on all axises. They are what makes it possible for the machine to move smoothly. Each axis has two rails with two bearings per rail. The linear bearings have zerk fittings for easy maintenance. You will need a grease gun and white lithium grease.

Oil rack and pinion

You will need to manually oil the rack and pinion with the grease of your choice. This could be a thick grease that will be applied with your finger or you could also use a spray lubricant. Teflon lubricant, silicone grease, lithium grease.

Spindle Maintenance

Air Cooled

There is no maintenance for air cooled spindles.

Water Cooled

-Water cooled spindles use distilled water only.

-This water needs to be checked on periodically to make sure the water is clean, at adequate levels and is flowing freely through your spindle. To check the flow, locate the water return hose and see if water is flowing well out of it.

-If your water becomes contaminated you will need to empty the water tank, clean out the debris and refill it with new, clean distilled water.

-If you are in an area that gets freezing temperatures, you will need to add antifreeze to your distilled cooling water.

Table Vaccums Noise and Heat?

Please try your best to keep the air as clean as possible on the vacuum intake. How? If your spoilboard is coming up and you turn the vac on, it can suck up debris that is present. Collect dust, keep work area clean before turning on hold down vacs.


You can vent your exhaust ports outdoors or to another area to cut down noise excess and heat production.

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