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Welcome to the hytek Tools Family!

Hytek Tools was founded by Melissa Jones and her husband Jason Jones. Melissa, Jason, and the rest of the Hytek Tools family, focus on sharing automation equipment and knowledge, using CNC and Laser technology in production. We're located in Central Minnesota, and also very central to most of country. We have installed hundreds of machines all across the USA, and are waiting to hear from you today about your new Hytek Tools machine.

Blog posts

Dec 31, 2021

Fiber Laser Has Incredible Accuracy

Speed is a great quality in fiber laser technology for production, but the accuracy is the real deal! We are talking micro tolerance on on thin gauged...

Dec 19, 2021

Everyday is Veterans Day at Hytek Tools

Honoring all Vets with 365 days per year, 10% discount on any regular priced item. Everyday is Veterans Day at Hytek Tools!

Nov 13, 2021

Industrial Lasers For Mass Production?

These fiber laser machines are meant for heavy use, they can operate round the clock 24 hours per day, if necessary. Hytek lasers provide accuracy, speed and endurance!
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