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Fiber Laser FAQ

Do I need a college degree to run Hytek equipment?

No. You do not need to know computer coding, or anything like that to run our machines. We offer easy to learn software, the machine is Hytek so you don't have to be!

Where I should put a Fiber Laser in my shop?

Things to consider when choosing a location for your FIBER LASER.
  • Machine size plus water chiller and other accessories.
  • It is nice to have access to all sides of your machine, but not a requirement.
  • Near power source
  • Needs to be climate controlled, or in a range 65-90 degrees 
  • Material size/length
  • How/where you will be loading the material onto your machine. You will want to load onto the front or a side.
  • Floor should be solid and fairly level
  • Area should be well lit.

How much space is needed for a Fiber Laser (footprint)

Typically our Fiber Lasers are about 36 inches wider and 1.5 feet longer than the table bed size. So the 5’x10’ table would have a footprint of about 7.66’x11.5’. You do not need all sides of your machine accessible, but keep in mind that you need space for operating and loading material. There is a lot to consider when choosing the placement of you Fiber Laser machine. The weight is roughly 6000-10,000 lbs +/- depending on which model.

Do all sides need to be accessible to run a Fiber Laser?

No, not necessarily though it would be convenient. You will want space for you to operate your machine at the front of the machine and you will also need space to load material on and off of your table. We recommend having access to the front of the machine and along at least one of the axis sides.

Power requirements for my Hytek Tools Fiber Laser

We can build your machine to run perfect with single phase, or three phase power. Though here are some important things to consider:

  • 1000w can run on single phase (220v) @ 50amp
  • 1500w can run on single phase (220v) @ 60amp
  • 2000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 50amp
  • 3000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 60amp
  • 4000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 70amp
  • 6000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 95amp
  • 12000w laser three phase (480v-600v) @ 120amp

*The higher wattage laser machines will require substantial amperage to operate. Please keep this in mind when considering your power wattage on your Fiber Laser power source.


Our most frequently asked question in pre-sales is; why are our prices lower than the competition? Efficiency?

  • Currently we offer efficient and affordable solutions, the reason we are more affordable than the competition is our efficient work flow and frankly our location. Location? What? Yes! We operate out of a reasonably priced area for commerce and business.  
  • We are centralized and the cost of operation is much lower in Central Minnesota than many other more populated and economically inflated facility locations. 
  • Another way we save time and money is through our logistics with delivery. We hand deliver 95% of our products, and the results of this are exponential in our efficiency. 
  • When we hand deliver our products with our own rigging and hauling equipment, there are several benefits for our bottom line.
  • We aren't having to rely on expensive rigging and trucking companies, by having our own rigging and hauling equipment.
  • We are already on site for setup with an entire crew. Setup usually happens on delivery day or the very next day. Hands on operation training usually happens the same day as setup.
  • We get a much lower rate of future technical remote support, by having trained operation and maintenance on-site of our clients and in person. 
  • We are centrally located to our client base in the USA. We can be anywhere on a maximum 3 hour flight or 24 hour trucking route at maximum. Our average truck route is less than 12 hours and flight time less than 2 hours. 
  • We keep a smaller full time staff at our core, and therefore carry a smaller payroll expense. 
  • We do less volume than some of our large competitors, this frees our technicians up for more one on one time, when necessary.
  • We're a family business, everyone involved lives and breathes brand quality and reputation. We all realize that it is critical for our company to be successful, and to earn trust for such large commitments from our clientele.

Hytek Tools Mission

Our mission is to create exciting and innovative products with redundant protections against failure. We do our best to fix problems immediately should they arise, find a solution whether under warranty, or not. Our efficiency is a product of that recipe, and we realize the need to get up everyday and see that this is accomplished, to the best of our ability. 

The most important reason for our success, is standing next to our product, face to face with our client, and giving hands on demonstrations of the best ways to be successful with their new laser machinery.

When we meet our clients machine operators in person on day one, the future technical support channel is immediately established. This creates a seamless two-way support channel, and has been our formula since day one.

We stand out; by providing easy to understand workflow for our client operators, with easy to learn CAD and CAM software.

Hytek just started a 365 day per year military discount, a huge discount of 10% off current list pricing.

Thank you for your interest in Hytek Tools - We want to do everything we can to help you get the machinery you need!

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