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Fiber Laser FAQ

Fiber Laser FAQ at Hytek Tools

Do I need a college degree to run Hytek equipment?
No. You do not need to know computer coding, or anything like that to run our machines. We offer easy to learn software, the machine is Hytek so you don't have to be!
Where I should put a Fiber Laser in my shop?
Things to consider when choosing a location for you FIBER LASER.
  • Machine size plus water chiller and other accessories.
  • It is nice to have access to all sides of your machine, but not a requirement.
  • Near power source
  • Needs to be climate controlled, or in a range 65-90 degrees 
  • Material size/length
  • How/where you will be loading the material onto your machine. You will want to load onto the front or a side.
  • Floor should be solid and fairly level
  • Area should be well lit.
How much space is needed for a Fiber Laser (footprint) ?

Typically our Fiber Lasers are about 36 inches wider and 1.5 feet longer than the table bed size. So the 5’x10’ table would have a footprint of about 7.66’x11.5’. You do not need all sides of your machine accessible, but keep in mind that you need space for operating and loading material. There is a lot to consider when choosing the placement of you Fiber Laser machine. The weight is roughly 6000-10,000 lbs +/- depending on which model.

Do all sides need to be accessible to run a Fiber Laser?

No, not necessarily though it would be convenient. You will want space for you to operate your machine at the front of the machine and you will also need space to load material on and off of your table. We recommend having access to the front of the machine and along at least one of the axis sides.

 Power requirements for my Hytek Tools Fiber Laser

We can build your machine to run perfect with single phase, or three phase power. Though here are some important things to consider:

  • 1000w can run on single phase (220v) @ 50amp
  • 1500w can run on single phase (220v) @ 50amp

  • 2000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 50amp
    or single phase at 220v @ 70amp

  • 3000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 50amp
    or single phase at 220v @ 80amp

  • 4000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 60amp
    or single phase at 220v @ 90amp

  • 6000w can run on three phase (220v-600v) @ 80amp
    or single phase at 220v @ 120amp

You can see above that some of the higher wattage laser machines will require substantial amperage to operate. Please keep this in mind when considering your power options on your Fiber Laser power source.

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