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SALE - 2023 Fiber Laser INTRO PRICING

Check Out These Stainless Steel Business Cards

Check Out These Stainless Steel Business Cards

Metal Business Cards

Melissa Jones, our CEO, has wanted to make business cards like this for years. She finally had some time give it a try. How do they look to you? Melissa shares all of her art creations with our clientele, royalty free and free of charge for your personal or business projects!


We wanted them to be functional and cool looking at the same time. We added drill bit diameter gauges, and steel gauge knockouts on the side, to quickly check plate steel thickness. The cards measure 2" X 3.5".

Video Link Below

The material is 18 gauged stainless steel and our IPM was about 800.


See some of Melissa's previous work on Everyday is Veterans Day!


Contact Melissa:
Melissa Jones
Hytek Tools CEO 
Toll Free (833) 411-HYTEK Extension 8

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