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IPG Photonics Vs MAX Photonics Laser Source

IPG Photonics Vs MAX Photonics Laser Source

IPG vs MAX Fiber Laser Cutter Source



After years of testing IPG and MAX laser sources, we want to give our .02 on the discussion.

IPG Photonics is a German based company, and MAX Photonics is based in China.

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IPG is like an industry standard across much of the world, and has been for quite a few years. They have a reputation for being a solid company with worldwide support, including here in the USA. We have been using them since the beginning. Up until now we offered IPG laser sources almost exclusively. Though, here's an interesting fact, many IPG builds actually originate in China. We have bought and sold dozens of IPG laser sources. Some are marked from Russia, and about half are marked from Beijing. None are marked as produced in Germany. 


MAX is an up and comer and we have actually been using and testing their equipment since 2017. Both in house and a few select clients. Our experience with MAX Photonics has been that cut quality is similar to IPG. In the unlikely event that either of these laser sources need troubleshooting, techs can plug directly into the laser source with a ethernet cable, from anywhere in the world! 

We have had to remote in the IPG and with MAX in a couple instances. They were equally receptive and had problems solved very quickly. That's what is awesome about fiber laser, the source is virtually maintenance free. They very rarely need any attention in the way of maintenance or troubleshooting. 

The Comparison:

They both do the same thing, they cut metal using fiber optics amazingly well. We're pretty excited to be offering the new, more affordable technology to you. We want to pass the savings on to our clientele. Obviously, your ticket price will be higher with IPG. However, we're trying to offer more value by adding alternative solutions.

Factory Warranty:

IPG Photonics has a two year factory warranty
MAX Photonics has a two year factory warranty

Hytek Tools is extending either brand to 3 years for purchases made in 2023!

The Choice:

So where do we land? As much respect as we have for IPG and all the great experience we have had with them, we're all about giving the small guy a chance, too! We were all there once, maybe some of us still are? The next big power build we bring in for a semi permanent demo machine, will feature a MAX laser source and we will do it with full confidence.  


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After years of testing IPG and MAX laser sources, we want to give our .02 on the discussion. IPG Photonics is a German based company, and MAX Photonics is based in China.

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