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Fiber vs Plasma

If you're looking to cut metal or other similar materials, you'll find multiple options. Two of the most popular options are fiber lasers and plasma cutters. Both a plasma cutter and a fiber cutter can produce fantastic results. But for many applications, one will be clearly better than the other.

Fiber Laser Vs Plasma

Laser Cutters

Laser cutters can cut everything from plastic to metal. Within the laser cutter industry, there are two major types of laser cutter: CO2 and fiber. Fiber cutting is a relatively new technology and provides superior overall quality. 

Regardless, fiber lasers are fast, precise, and focused. They have a cutting precision up to 0.05 mm and don't damage the product they're cutting — they are non-contact. But there is a downside: fiber lasers tend to be more expensive than a plasma cutter.

Fiber Vs Plasma

Plasma Cutters

A plasma machine cuts with a high-temperature arc of plasma. This is very effective. But it's not very precise. A plasma cutter can only cut up to 0.1 mm of tolerance and it cuts fairly slowly. Plasma cutters may leave lingering damage on the material. And there will be a larger cutting gap. But one of the major benefits to plasma cutting is that it's less expensive. A plasma machine will cost less to buy and operate.

Choosing Between Laser and Plasma Cutting

For most applications, a fiber cutter is going to be better. Fiber cutters have better precision, are faster, and cause less damage to the surrounding material. They also lead to less material waste. There's only one advantage a plasma cutter really has over a fiber laser: Plasma cutters are less expensive.


Hytek Tools Fiber Laser with Exchange Table

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