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Metal Laser Cutters - USA

Fiber Laser 2x2 - The Collegiate Laser

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 Fiber Laser 2x2 | 1000w-2000w
IPG Laser VS MAX Laser

See this baby in action!

College and School Tech Class
Prepare your students for the future of manufacturing, with a Hytek Tools Fiber Laser. Did you know Hytek Tools has machinery across the country in both college and High School. Ranging from the likes of RICE University, to the State of California Board of Education. Please contact us to help you procure a machine, and develop a curriculum for laser technology today for your tech students! Please email Melissa Jones about our education machinery, rapid procurement process.

Table Construction & Highlights

  • 2ft+ x 2ft+ cut dimensions
  • Perfect for Schools and Colleges (Total Footprint 5'x6')
  • Frame solid welded steel
  • Aviation grade aluminum gantry 
  • Blade knife table surface
  • X, Y axis linear motion
  • HiWin linear high precision stainless steel guide rails & bearings 

Laser Materials

Laser cut a variety of steel and most highly reflective metals:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Gold & Silver
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper

Machine Electronics

  • 1000w-2000w MAX fiber laser (see capability chart below)
  • Yaskawa servo drivers & motors 
  • Schneider electrical components
  • Water chiller
  • Exhaust fan

Machine Stats

  • Max cut rate up to 4000in/min
  • X, Y, cut accuracy ±0.001"
  • X, Y, repeat accuracy ±0.001"

Control Software & Language

  • Cypcut - Intuitive Laser Controller

Required Power

  • AC220V, single phase @ 50a  for 1000w
  • AC220V, three phase  @ 50a for 2000w

Warranties Include:

  • Lifetime hardware support from Hytek Tools
  • Two year parts warranty
  • Custom tech videos on request
  • 30 Day Buy Back Guarantee!

You Will Need:

  • Forklift to offload (3500 lbs - 6ft forks)

Extras Include:

  • Hand delivery by Hytek Tools Certified Technicians
  • On site operation demonstrations
  • All inclusive and all included - ALWAYS! No surprises!

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Ask a Question
  • do you offer or provide educational pricing?

    The 2x2 is kind of priced with education in mind already. This little thing packs a big punch, it's the only machine with linear motion in our whole lineup. That said, I can do 10% discount through 2023 for you. We can help with curriculum and things like that. Included! The prices will include the CAM sofware for the enitre class as well.

  • will we need oxygen and nitrogen gas to run the FIBER LASER 2X2 - THE COLLEGIATE LASER

    Hi, thanks for the question! Yes, nitrogen to cut stainless and aluminum. Oxygen to cut carbon steel. Some of the thinner stainless can be cut with oxygen as well, like 16 gauge and less thick. Hope that helps! Awesome little machine, the linear is amazing...

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